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Disability Unit

To create an inclusive and enabling environment for students with disabilities, the Disability Unit offers the following services: - Advocacy and advice on all disability-related matters - Relations with the Student Counselling and Career Development Centre for free counselling and consultative services for students with disabilities - Various assistive technologies as well as screenings and trainings for the use of such devices to help students with disabilities get optimum assistance - Adaptive text arrangements, including the conversion of text into Braille and other accessible formats - Academic support for students with learning disabilities - Facilitation of test and examination venues for students with disabilities - Test and Exam Concession applications (relevant supporting medical report required and registration with DU - Physical access: Accessible study venues and computer labs - Reasonable accommodation with adequate physical access for students with disabilities - Scribes are available on request - Transport: Shuttle services specifically for students with disabilities who cannot make use of the Nelson Mandela University shuttle service