To create an inclusive and enabling environment for differently abled students, Universal Accessibility and Disability Services (UADS) offers the following services:

Reasonable Accommodation

  • Concessions (Tests & Exams)
  • Facilitation of exam venues for differently abled students
  • Scribes (available on request)
  • Accessible transport
  • Accessible student housing
  • Adaptive technology (devices and software – advised by NSFAS)
  • Referrals to available student funding 
  • Universal design and access (infrastructure). UADS advise and facilitate the process.

Awareness and Sensitisation

  • Orientation and mobility for blind and partially sighted students 
  • Awareness campaigns 
  • Advocacy and counselling on disability related issues
  • Orientation of new, differently abled students

Braille Transcription Services (consultant, student and lecturer responsibilities)

  • Tests and exams
  • Adaptive text arrangements and other accessible formats