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Disability Unit


The Disability Unit (DU), located within the Student Affairs Division, aims to assist students and staff with disabilities by:

• Establishing reasonable accommodations and support systems;

• increasing awareness about and advocating for persons with disability;

• increasing awareness of the abilities of persons with disabilities amongst staff and students, thus providing persons with disability with an equal opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of student/staff life at NELSON MANDELA UNIVERSITY.

Nelson Mandela University promotes equality of opportunity and aims to prevent discrimination wherever possible, the Disability Services Unit being an important part of this ethos. We not only exist to support students and staff but we also have an important role in advising on policy development and take an active role in committees and forums aiming to embed disability accessibility in everything we do. We encourage all students and staff with disabilities/special needs to disclose their needs on their application form/at registration or as a need occurs. This disclosure will not affect your application and will only enable us to plan and prepare for your arrival and support. If we do not know that you need support, we cannot arrange it. You may discuss your support needs at any time during your study/employment career, even if you feel that you do not want any support. You may visit us to discuss your needs with us.

Details of the support we provide for staff and students along with other useful documents can be found under DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES and DOCUMENTATION REQUIRED BY STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES Progress on various projects and various links, can be found under Useful Links. If you would like to provide any feedback on the content of these pages or make any suggestions about what you would like to see, please contact us at