A student can be referred to the Disability Unit (DU) at any time. Not simply when they are experiencing difficulties with their studies. Students with disabilities who are currently coping with their study demands may still be interested to know of the Disability Unit and the services it offers. The DU can provide information on upcoming activities, specific programmes, funding schemes and provide referrals to internal and external support organisations.

Students who are experiencing difficulties are advised to contact the DU to explore the types of services we offer. Continuing students are also encouraged to be directed to the DU.

It can be difficult to refer someone to the appropriate service if they have not disclosed that they have a disability. Advice on managing these circumstances can be found in the FAQ section of the DSU.

Many students acquire or are diagnosed with a disability during their studies. Various support service units and centres, will work with students to develop strategies that assist in coping better.

How to refer

Often the best way to refer students to the Disability Unit (DU) is to provide them with some basic information and contact details and leave it to the student to initiate contact. Directing students to the Disability Unit website, can also allow the student the opportunity to glance over the service in a non-intimidating way and then decide if they wish to follow up your referral.

Alternatively, you can refer students to the Student Counselling Career and Development centre/Faculty Officer/Disability representative in your faculty/department, who may be able to assist the student, and can also act as a link between the faculty and the DU.