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Disability Unit

  • Confidential consultation sessions
  • Assistance/advice on Assistive devices
  • Awareness and advocacy workshop and information sessions on all campuses
  • A link to Support Organizations/NGO’s and networks relevant to your disability
  • Training on assistive hardware and software

Facilities available to Students:

  • Co-ordinating the placement into accessible student housing (availability limited)
  • Volunteer Buddies
  • Accessible transport (available in and around campus). Please Note: Limited to those who cannot comfortably access the formal NMMU shuttle service. Bookings are essential and subject to registration with the DSU.
  • Magnification software
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Portable magnification devices
  • Digital recorders

Facilities available to Staff:

  • Staff requiring reasonable accommodation to communicate via line management and HR
  • Requests for assistive software via Helpdesk on ext 3000

Adaptive Technology

NMMU has computer stations on campus with adaptive technology software installed on them. Such technology includes Zoomtext, HAL and WYNN. Such computer stations are located in:

  • General computer Labs
  • Library computer stations located on the ground floor of each library
  • Disability Services Unit (0009, Ground floor, MB, South campus)

Alternative print format:

  • enlarged print /copies (from the faculty or placed on module sites of NMMU’s website)
  • E-books (selected formats available or can be obtained)

Alternative testing services:

  • Separate testing venues (arranged by faculty during tests and located at the Heinz Bets building during formal examinations)
  • scribes
  • use of computers (arranged by Faculty and or in conjunction with the DSU)
  • additional time concessions

Assistive listening devices (FM Systems)

  • Portable devices available from the DSU

Portable devices available from the DSU such as magnification devices, digital recorders

Further support services

  • Classroom relocations (where practical and possible)
  • Early/Priority registration (via Faculty officers)
  • Library and Lab assistants (arranged via the Disability Services Unit)
  • Note-taking (arranged via the Disability Services Unit and or Faculty)
  • Disability Parking (for further information, please see our page on Campus Accessibility)
  • Voluntary Buddies under the In Our Shoes volunteer programme, who render services such as scribing, library assistance, acting as sighted guide, scanning, note-taking, digital recording of lectures, mentoring support

Accessible transportation

The DSU offers accessible transportation in an adapted kombi which transports students in and around the campuses. Such service is not available to transport students to and from their homes.


A day rest room is available for students who need a rest break in between classes. This room is located at the DSU, 0009, Ground floor, Main Building.